Sea Food Production, Fishing & Export

We are specialized in sea & fresh water fishing, production and export on global scale. We export to over 12 countries, strengthened by our partnerships with over 24 production centres and fishing vessels throughout the country.

We export

  • Dry & Salted fish: shrimps, shark, & all other kinds of fish
  • Ground fish: shark, skate, cod, red fish, catfish etc
  • Farmed fish: Pangasius, Tilapia, Carp, Rohu, Catla etc
  • Shell fish: Tiger prawns, mud crabs, sea crabs, shrimp, lobsters & more

  • Pelagics: Indian sardine, Mackerel, yellow fin tuna etc
  • Molluscs: Kerala mussels, squid, sea food mix, oyster, cuttlefish, whelk & more
  • Canned Fish: canned tuna, mackerel, sardine etc
  • Fish meal: food given to live fish


Prices Very Competitive Pricing
Delivery Payment FOB, CNF, CIF
Payment Terms T/T on Delivery
Delivery Time 1day, every day by air shipment
Shipping By Air
Minimum Order 1000 kgs/ 1 Tonne
Packing In thermocol boxes inside temperature controlled environment

Why Our Sea Food?

  • Supply: More than 24 production centres to source the best quality sea food as per your requirement
  • Quality: We export only freshly caught fish quality checked by our quality control department
  • Packing: Well packed and temperature controlled to make you reach safely
  • Innovations: we constantly research and implement methods to preserve and process seafood. Check our range of sea food produces from fish pickles to dried fish
  • Ethical : We don’t use harmful chemicals and strictly follow rules of country we export to


  • Seafood import need to be checked and certified by concerned authorities in port of arrival. Please check with authorities in your country to follow the rules
  • We can help with you any special requirement feel free to call us 24 *7 for any clarifications, information & support.

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